Monday, May 16, 2011


Paragraph 1
Last week Thursday, Room22 including the senior side went to take turns of going to a lady called Emma. Emma is form the Auckland netball courts she comes to teach as same skills for netball. Down on the courts every Thursdays.

Paragraph 2
When it came to doing the skills I was kinda (SCARED) because I thought that we had to do it by our self but no we did not need too. Emma made as do 3 basic skills steps, not as easy as I thought after all. Then she said ‘to find a partner’ their was two split groups, group 1 and 2 so it was Ngametua and me. We had to do a chest pass mainly what I thought that she might though the ball and I might miss. It was only because group 1 was farther then as, Emma told them to came closer ‘play ball’ she shouted again Ngametua chest pass to me and I differently caught the ball. Every time we had to throw the ball to each other we kept on passing with at dropping
the ball.

Paragraph 3
My overall for netball was playing ageists boys and girls in different teams.

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