Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was the night of Halloween? 'trick a treat', in my family we don't go out and get dress up the reason why is because we do not believe Halloween apart from lollies.
Super excited laying in bed watching t.v while the rest of my family were having dinner, next minute? their was are knock on the door. Opening the door " trick a treat " it was our next door neighbors all dressed up with painted faces trying to look scary we told them that we did not believe Halloween so we had no lollies to hand out we said that "we were very sorry" off they went to the next house.

Then a few minutes later their was another knock at the door, getting up to open the door I turned on the hall way lights and I saw someone standing at the door with are bag my mum said "OPEN IT AND TELL THEM WE DON'T HAVE ANY LOLLIES" and once I lean forward to open the door it was my Nana standing outside she was smiling and she was screaming "TRICK A TREAT" and she was laughing her hardest that she could not stop?. Entering with her bag full of good's, DING! the bell rang the cake was ready (WOOPYY) I could not what to shove my mouth with cake.

Finishing off the cake it was time for bed their was no one outside so we could get same sleep. "Bye Bye" my Nana said Kissing us as she took her bag full of lollies and off she went, that was the end of our night of Halloween.

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  1. Hey Annexe

    I hope it didnt get too annoying having to tell people you didnt have any lollies. I sometimes find it difficult once I've run out.

    Sounds like you're nana's quite a happy lady :)

    It might be a good idea to have a look at your spelling as you write or go back and edit afterwards

    Have fun and keep writing :)


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