Monday, November 14, 2011

My year in Room 22 has been (EPIC) not just having are (WONDERFUL) teacher but meeting people that I've seen around but have never ever talk to before. This year was different ever seen's Ms T has been in Room 22, I have improved in my MAORI, AND NOT BEING SHY STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CLASS and besides that Room 22 has learnt same cool basic thinks on our netbooks that we did not know it was pretty fun to learn.

Having are Literacy creative class room with lots of thinks around to help us in need is very challenging because we have different types of things on our wall like our topic called "OUTTA THIS WORLD", our 'LITERACY AND OUR LITERACY CYCLE', 'MuLiTIPlE InTEiLIGeNCeS and many many more things that we have learnt from Ms T and I cant wait to focus on same more cool things. Ms T has made us out standing.

We have are thing that we stand up and do are Mihi to start our day one person stands by them self and says,

'He mihi whanui tenei kia tatou katoa kia koe te ranatira e _____ tena koe mo to mahi whakamoemiti ki to tatou matua i te rangi He mihi aroha tenei ki a koe _____ (teacher) tena koe ka huri au ki nga tauira Kia Ora koutou kato No reira ra tatoua katoa'.

If we have are fun day we finish off by sing some maori songs. THIS IS WHY ROOM 22 IS FUN!

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  1. He mihi aroha kia koe Annexe.
    My goodness I am so delighted to hear that you have had an EPIC year in Room 22.
    You have definitely improved in Te Reo Maori and I have enjoyed watching your confidence blossom. You are an absolute toanga to have in class and I wonder which lucky teacher will have you in their class next year.
    Maybe you could join the Kapa Haka group next year too?
    I'll let you in on a little secret... I LOVE singing and I'm glad someone else in my class enjoys waiata too.
    Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that you are sharing your thoughts on your blog.
    Arohanui Always
    Ms T xxx


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