Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rugby League Session

Yesterday there was a man from Vodafone Junior Warriors Squad which he was coming to teach as how to play rugby league and his name is Sio Siua Taukeiaho.

Ms T put us in four groups and Sio Siua Taukeiaho made us warm up. The first step we had to do was to run around same cones holding a rugby ball in our hands then passing it to the next person I was the the rid person to ran I was nevus as a bee but I got over my fares and ran and ran it was over and we all had to sit down when everyone has had a turn we probably had 2 or 3 points and the winning team had to be the first team and the losing team had to do push ups.

He said that was not the real game, so he made as do it about 3 times I got use to it doing it over and over.

Sio Siua Taukeiaho said “now it is time to move on to the next trail and it was to zig zag around all your team mates and sprint back” but first we had to line up with the ball in our hands and on his count he said (GO) stared moving along we did not get points but other teams did. Ms T said how ever bets Lepa will get same Pavlova and the winner was Lesly and the rest lost. Waiting for them to finish Sio Siua Taukeiaho explained the next game, they were finished moving on with the next set of game.

Ms Vaa Fusuaunga told us the game and it is called kick tennis the rules of the game we pretty easy “there a only two teams” she said and they were group1 and 2 on the other team was group 3 and 4.”Play ball” Ms Vaa Fusuaunga shouted so we started playing, the teams got smaller and smaller and group 1 and 2 had 2 people and on group 3 and 4 there was only 1 which was Destiny and she got out. “We won” said Ms Vaa Fusuaunga. Ms Vaa Fusuaunga said two more games and after the two games it was over we said a big thank you to Sio Siua Taukeiaho and walked back to class.That was the first time I enjoyed playing rugby league tanning with my class.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Thursday 9th of June the senior school were told that there was going to be a Science Roadshow that was held at Tamaki College. Ms T put us in groups so we could get more information on some inventions, the reason why we went down to the Science Roadshow was to get a chance to learn more about our topic Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger.

We finally got down there and got told to take a seat from the people that were taking the exhibits, we listen to a man who's name was Paul and a lady that was called Jane they explained and showed as some cool chemicals that we could not play with. We waited for awhile for Paul and Jane to stop talking they said that you can win a prize when you answer some questions and get them correct you can be in the draw.

Then they let us go. We ran like animals to see the inventions. The invention that our group looked at was BIG EAR! there was phone and a volume button to turn up and down, a satellite dish so you can hear the other person talking though the phone. We started looking around, there were lot of inventions that we have never seen before.

Paul called as back to talk more about senses which was about sounds, feeling, touch and smell. Paul said out the winners and they were Awhina and Angela which was from Tamaki College. It was time to go we said goodbye, I had a good time going down to the Science Roadshow because I got some good information for our topic.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Design Process

Why is generating ideas important? Room22 have being planning ideas for what we were going to create which is STOP LITTERING but first we had to look for some pictures online and share it into a new folder. The second step was to think what shape and colour and if it was made out of cardboard, plastic or handmade. Creating and thinking at the same time it was kinda hard, one of the thing’s we had to think about was if it was freestanding or if it was not.

We started to design Ms T said that we can draw on the computer or in our topic books. We had to design a NO LITTERING sign which would fit in a octagon, triangle or what ever we wanted to make and so that the little kids can understand the message we are trying to tell them.

Why we are trying to design this process is to tell people to make this world are better place.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons

For the last two weeks the year 7's and 8’s have been walking down to the G.I pools, during lunch time so we can learn to swim if there is an emergency and so we can be safe and sound in the water cause New Zealand is surrounded by lots of water.

The people who takes swimming lessons are the teachers and we have to listen to the teachers there way so we can learn better an be safe.

There were a few people that did not go swimming and one of them was me, but I had to watch and watch every time they went down to the pools, it felt so (BORING) but it was exciting at the same time to watch because even though I was not in the pool I can still learn to swim outside of the pool.

Most of the people that did not bring a note had to write lines. They had to write, they must bring there togs. In tell swimming was over then Ms T will check to see how many lines they have done.

When it comes to the next class, Room22 has to get out of the cold pool and get change, when they have finished getting change we line up and then we start walking back to school and do work into the school bell goes.