Thursday, June 9, 2011

Design Process

Why is generating ideas important? Room22 have being planning ideas for what we were going to create which is STOP LITTERING but first we had to look for some pictures online and share it into a new folder. The second step was to think what shape and colour and if it was made out of cardboard, plastic or handmade. Creating and thinking at the same time it was kinda hard, one of the thing’s we had to think about was if it was freestanding or if it was not.

We started to design Ms T said that we can draw on the computer or in our topic books. We had to design a NO LITTERING sign which would fit in a octagon, triangle or what ever we wanted to make and so that the little kids can understand the message we are trying to tell them.

Why we are trying to design this process is to tell people to make this world are better place.

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