Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Thursday 9th of June the senior school were told that there was going to be a Science Roadshow that was held at Tamaki College. Ms T put us in groups so we could get more information on some inventions, the reason why we went down to the Science Roadshow was to get a chance to learn more about our topic Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger.

We finally got down there and got told to take a seat from the people that were taking the exhibits, we listen to a man who's name was Paul and a lady that was called Jane they explained and showed as some cool chemicals that we could not play with. We waited for awhile for Paul and Jane to stop talking they said that you can win a prize when you answer some questions and get them correct you can be in the draw.

Then they let us go. We ran like animals to see the inventions. The invention that our group looked at was BIG EAR! there was phone and a volume button to turn up and down, a satellite dish so you can hear the other person talking though the phone. We started looking around, there were lot of inventions that we have never seen before.

Paul called as back to talk more about senses which was about sounds, feeling, touch and smell. Paul said out the winners and they were Awhina and Angela which was from Tamaki College. It was time to go we said goodbye, I had a good time going down to the Science Roadshow because I got some good information for our topic.

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