Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons

For the last two weeks the year 7's and 8’s have been walking down to the G.I pools, during lunch time so we can learn to swim if there is an emergency and so we can be safe and sound in the water cause New Zealand is surrounded by lots of water.

The people who takes swimming lessons are the teachers and we have to listen to the teachers there way so we can learn better an be safe.

There were a few people that did not go swimming and one of them was me, but I had to watch and watch every time they went down to the pools, it felt so (BORING) but it was exciting at the same time to watch because even though I was not in the pool I can still learn to swim outside of the pool.

Most of the people that did not bring a note had to write lines. They had to write, they must bring there togs. In tell swimming was over then Ms T will check to see how many lines they have done.

When it comes to the next class, Room22 has to get out of the cold pool and get change, when they have finished getting change we line up and then we start walking back to school and do work into the school bell goes.

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