Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“Did you know that last week our Rugby 7’s boy’s went down to Tauranga to represent
Pt England School in the Auckland Rugby tournament?” Well, they did!.

During the week we were updated of their games and scores. Mr Burt made his first announcement over the speaker that the year 7’s boys had arrived safe and sound and there first game that played Cambridge school and won 38-5.

Waiting and waiting for the next an announcement to came we finally heard that the year 7 boy’s won all 12 games and that they are champions and that they never gave up. Now that the year 7 rugby boy’s are champions and they can be proud of their self’s.

It was the day of welcoming back the champions of the school and to have won all the rugby games it has made lots of people really happy.

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  1. Hi Annexee! My name is Isaac and I am a university student studying to be a teacher at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I've enjoyed reading your blog post about your school being Rugby champions. They won all twelve games? That's impressive! They must be extremely talented.

    Keep up the great work blogging!


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