Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mrs Richards

Having the changes to do same Chinese cooking, Room 22 has been the luckiest class out of the senior school. The reason is because we have had are student teacher named Mrs Richards and Last Friday we got the changes to do same Chinese cooking with Mrs Richards these are two of the main types of food that the people how got choosing to make Cantonese Dim Sum and Steamed Dumplings called Siew Mai.

Sense having Mrs Richards in our class she has made are knitting club, there was are few people that wanted to be in the knitting club. First Mrs Richards told as to have are sit and she handed are wool to each 7 of as and suddenly showed are quick knitting on how to casting on, One we have finished casting on it was time for the hardest part of all trying to make some thing, Mrs Richards is coming back to help as to complete our knitting so we can take them home.

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