Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative and Logical solving

This morning our class was given are thinking skill to test our knowledge, the skills that we had to came up were random and they had to be creative and logical to solve our problem.

We were put into group's of three and our problem that we had solve was "Your school needs more shade at lunchtimes. How can you solve this problem? and this are the object that we were given are towel, peace of rope, ladder, ball and shall.

Same of our thinking was kinda hard to solve but in the end Cael and Julie came up with are good idea and I can not wait to the next thinking skill to came round.

Here are the skills that we had to solve and our problem as well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For The Last Week Or So

For the last week or so Room 22 has being getting moved round from place to place to go into different classes for the production which is going to be busy then ever the senior school is doing are Tribal Dance which is going to be (epic).

Lately the rest of the yr 7’s and 8’s that have joined the production are now trying to finish it off probably by working as hard as they have ever before to make Ms T, Teachers and mainly Mr Burt happy like are fly.

Missing out on all the interesting things that I could have been doing made me think? Sitting and wondering why I did not sign up made me think I could have but I did not. It was are thing that I did not choose clearly, it’s the last week and then we go on are 2 week holiday and seeing myself in Room 20 having free time I could have being doing same things like writing stories and finishing it off probably like the dancers.