Thursday, May 19, 2011

Annexe Taonga Time

Every Friday the year 7’s and 8’s have Taonga time only in the afternoon in different class, Taonga time means treasure in Maori, the teachers talk about activity’s that they are good at and want to teach.

When it comes to Taonga time we move off to our teachers for half an hour. Their are 8 groups and 8 teachers. Ms T’s group which is kapa Haka, Mr J which is music, Ms Nua dose sports including Ms Vaa fusuaunga , Mr Barks dose team building, Mr Harris dose science, Ms Telea takes I.C.T and Ms Langitupu dose the amazing art.The group I’m in is Mr J’s, Friday was the first term of Taonga time we had to go into a class to do a project which might be played on P.E.N.N if we have completed our movie.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Paragraph 1
Last week Thursday, Room22 including the senior side went to take turns of going to a lady called Emma. Emma is form the Auckland netball courts she comes to teach as same skills for netball. Down on the courts every Thursdays.

Paragraph 2
When it came to doing the skills I was kinda (SCARED) because I thought that we had to do it by our self but no we did not need too. Emma made as do 3 basic skills steps, not as easy as I thought after all. Then she said ‘to find a partner’ their was two split groups, group 1 and 2 so it was Ngametua and me. We had to do a chest pass mainly what I thought that she might though the ball and I might miss. It was only because group 1 was farther then as, Emma told them to came closer ‘play ball’ she shouted again Ngametua chest pass to me and I differently caught the ball. Every time we had to throw the ball to each other we kept on passing with at dropping
the ball.

Paragraph 3
My overall for netball was playing ageists boys and girls in different teams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Room22 we have been learning about creativity. Creativity is about creating new cool looking things on the computer or use your own ideas in creatively. So this is how I did my name for creativity.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Term One Reflection

One of the things in my report I was pleased about last term was my artwork because I got 12 out of 12. I received excellence's for work habits, behavior and academic progress. I felt pleased with myself so did my mum!

The thing I need to improve on is my writing. Last term I did not do a very good job. I received a below expectation on academic progress and I need to stay focus when it comes to writing time.

My term went well but I need to get better at finishing my homework and writing so my report has 3 excellence’s in work habits, behavior and academic progress.

My D.L.O results: