Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Day 1

Team Respect is the group I am in. Making my way into School grounds, I was NERVOUS. Putting my gear down and waiting around to start the day we had to talk about the usual things about camp.

The first part of the day started out well, heading to each different types of activities that the teachers had plan.

Our first activities was Box Fit, the people that were teaching us moves about Box Fit said to pair up with a partner? Jessica and I were partners. So having a go at it, we had to warm up first once we had FINISH warming up we had to move onto hands hitting and my hand felt like they were going to EXPLODE.

The main part I enjoyed the most was the AMAZING RACE with Mr. Barks, We had to pair up into 4 groups and make a sling shot and once we had finish making sling shots with all the gear Mr. Barks has placed in front of as we had to score points my sling shooting it into a bucket, then we had been given a map each the map was of the School. Jessica and I were still partners and we were told we had to go and find the clue down at the Pt England Reserve. Coming to a end we found the clue off we went back to School, HAVING A EXCITING TIME I STILL HAD FUN?.

I can not wait tell day 2 and to see what the teachers have plan for us.

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  1. Hey Annexe
    I like your story about you high light about camp it is really amazing what you wrote.
    You should write more amazing stuff so you can be a amazing writer when you grow up.
    Keep it up Annexe


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