Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Alive

Waiting for this term to come around the corner REALLY, REALLY- QUICKLY to be over, I just wanted to SCREAM...  

This term we are learning about different types of artists, so can you guess what we are learning or even better studying this term.  Well if you did not catch ON yet, our topic is called ‘Art Alive’

The teachers from the senior side of the school have decided for different class to move from classes to classes every day last week.  Every class learnt about author techniques of art, art is not all about drawing? but it is also about painting, pictures and different STYLES.

So this term is going to be a crazy term because of our topic Art Alive.  I can not wait to learn about other artists around the world.

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  1. Hello Annexe
    It is a crazy Art Alive your so amazing I wish I would be in room 18 but it so cool.
    Love you ideas that you have given me like what you wrote Keep it up that is very very very like ful.

    Jessica your best friend


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