Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How To Start A Mihi Mihi

For the last few days, Mr. Barks has given us a project to complete but not only Room 18 but the whole senior school. The project that we a working on is our Mihi Mihi, I am sure you all know what a Mihi Mihi is? if you don’t I will tell you.

A Mihi Mihi is talking about you, where you came from and it is about your history .
This is how we start our Mihi Mihi,
- What mountain you came from
- Your river
- We you stay
- Where you come from
- What school you go to/if you go to school
Then moving on to your Grandparents and your parents.
- Your Grandfathers on your Mom's side and on your Dad’s side
- Your Grandmothers on your Mom’s side and on your Dad’s side
- Your Dad
- Your Mum
- How old you are
Then finish off by saying your Name, and saying.
No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa.

Tomorrow, Thursday the 29th of March, Ms. Nua is coming into our class so we can tell or say our Mihi Mihi. There you go here is a Mihi Mihi in English and this Mihi Mihi is in order so I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making A Movie

Day 1:
The thing that I can not believe is that I had forgotten how to make a movie. The last time when I was in Ms. Kings class in 2009 that was the last time I had made a movie.

On Thursday the 15th of March, Mr. Barks gave us a choice if we wanted to partner up with a buddy or work on the project ourselves.

Why we were making a movie was to show what we did at Camp including how much fun we had.? Thinking to myself, OH NO a movie.? Asking Rebecca if she wanted to make a movie together.? She said YES, after asking Mr. Barks for permission if we could go into Room 17 to start making our movie together.? He also said YES.

Dashing to the computers, hopping onto a imacs then CLICKING on imovie. I had FORGOTTEN how to add photos, songs and everything else, Rebecca also forgot as well.

Mr. Barks moving around to people to people asking them if they need help, Mr. Barks poking his head around the corner, Rebecca and I asking Mr. Barks for help.? Mr. Barks demonstrated how we add pictures to imovie.

Day 2:
Making a headway to finishing our movie, Rebecca started editing the places that the pictures I put in placed HORRIBLY. While Rebecca was doing that I was listen to music that was already on the computer and while listen I was trying to create a Magnificent or Fancy song to put onto or to go with the pictures.

After fixing the music, Rebecca was almost finish placing the pictures how we wanted it to be placed. Talking to each other to say it was completed? it seriously was NOT.

The last part that Rebecca had forgot and also I had forgotten was the ending.
Rebecca THINKING how we could end our movie, why I was trying to double check if it was CORRECT and it was. Rebecca transferring her ideas to the computer we were differently.?

Re watching our movie we both were very, very HAPPY.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Day 1

Team Respect is the group I am in. Making my way into School grounds, I was NERVOUS. Putting my gear down and waiting around to start the day we had to talk about the usual things about camp.

The first part of the day started out well, heading to each different types of activities that the teachers had plan.

Our first activities was Box Fit, the people that were teaching us moves about Box Fit said to pair up with a partner? Jessica and I were partners. So having a go at it, we had to warm up first once we had FINISH warming up we had to move onto hands hitting and my hand felt like they were going to EXPLODE.

The main part I enjoyed the most was the AMAZING RACE with Mr. Barks, We had to pair up into 4 groups and make a sling shot and once we had finish making sling shots with all the gear Mr. Barks has placed in front of as we had to score points my sling shooting it into a bucket, then we had been given a map each the map was of the School. Jessica and I were still partners and we were told we had to go and find the clue down at the Pt England Reserve. Coming to a end we found the clue off we went back to School, HAVING A EXCITING TIME I STILL HAD FUN?.

I can not wait tell day 2 and to see what the teachers have plan for us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Phil Taylor
15 times world CHAMPION Dart player Phil Taylor, is going to Australia in August and is attending also playing in some events in the Gold Coast Festival of Darts.

He also WON PDC player of the year four times in ( 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010 ) Phil received an award for BBC Sport Personality Of The Year in ( 2006 and 2010). He is ranked world No. 1 in the PDC order of Merit.

After losing the first final of the PDC world CHAMPION in 1994, for the last eight years Phil went onto remain unbeaten. In tournaments including the 2001 Phil has added another five titled to being his PDC 13 and 15 world CHAMPION in all.

Phil has also played a GREAT nine dart finish, he holds NUMBER’S of records for higher scoring in darts, his third - dart match recorded is higher than anybody else in history games.

My GOAL is trying to work on Striving To Succeed like Phil Taylor has, he is one of my BIGGEST fans of Darts and I am trying to get as good as him trying. Some little bird told me one time, if you differently enjoy darts you will LOVE playing darts and I differently love and enjoy playing darts it is like my further.

So far I have played this year 2 games and we are having our third game this Saturday the 10th so hoping I can score BIG POINTS just like Phil scores.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Reading the New Zealand Herald, I found out that there is lots of interesting information on the Internet about news around the world. One of the BRIGHTEST and BIGGEST reason why I have picked this article is because it has hooked me into the story.

In Paekakariki, North of Wellington their were two bodies found in the area, around 10am Police were alerted by Ambulance staff. At this stage it is to early to tell, There has not been any information handed out to any body

Looking at that little piece of writing has made me think? Did they want to die and Was it accident how knows.