Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making A Movie

Day 1:
The thing that I can not believe is that I had forgotten how to make a movie. The last time when I was in Ms. Kings class in 2009 that was the last time I had made a movie.

On Thursday the 15th of March, Mr. Barks gave us a choice if we wanted to partner up with a buddy or work on the project ourselves.

Why we were making a movie was to show what we did at Camp including how much fun we had.? Thinking to myself, OH NO a movie.? Asking Rebecca if she wanted to make a movie together.? She said YES, after asking Mr. Barks for permission if we could go into Room 17 to start making our movie together.? He also said YES.

Dashing to the computers, hopping onto a imacs then CLICKING on imovie. I had FORGOTTEN how to add photos, songs and everything else, Rebecca also forgot as well.

Mr. Barks moving around to people to people asking them if they need help, Mr. Barks poking his head around the corner, Rebecca and I asking Mr. Barks for help.? Mr. Barks demonstrated how we add pictures to imovie.

Day 2:
Making a headway to finishing our movie, Rebecca started editing the places that the pictures I put in placed HORRIBLY. While Rebecca was doing that I was listen to music that was already on the computer and while listen I was trying to create a Magnificent or Fancy song to put onto or to go with the pictures.

After fixing the music, Rebecca was almost finish placing the pictures how we wanted it to be placed. Talking to each other to say it was completed? it seriously was NOT.

The last part that Rebecca had forgot and also I had forgotten was the ending.
Rebecca THINKING how we could end our movie, why I was trying to double check if it was CORRECT and it was. Rebecca transferring her ideas to the computer we were differently.?

Re watching our movie we both were very, very HAPPY.


  1. Hello Annexe
    WOW that amazed me alot I like your story about your Movie fantastic. I Love your story it is amazing I very very like that story.
    I liked your amazing work that you done keep it up

    Jessica P

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