Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Darts?

Honestly, Mr. Barks has given us load - and load of options of choice that we want to write about.

So this week or so, I really, really want to write about Darts. 

(Darts in my family is twice as enormous as any other sports,) My cousins (The boys) have played in National events they have also travelled to Dunedin to play in tournaments with people in their same age level. There are two main groups, (Juniors - 10 to 13 of age) (Youth - 13 to 17 of age.) My cousins a older and now it is the girls turn, my cousin and I are going down to Dunedin this year.  But next year 2013 we are playing here in Auckland so there will be ‘NO’ flying anywhere we can just drive to WestCity Dart Club.  “I CANNOT wait” for that day to come.......

Here is a special man from our region, region 2: This man was a good Dart player and was a nice caring man, we will always remember him.

His name is, Dinx (Ronnie) Cassidy

Monday, May 7, 2012


Picasso  The biggest and most brightest highlight of this term is about our topic Art Alive, for the last few weeks or so we have been learning about a man called “Picasso.”  

Picasso’s artwork is very, very - Strange (but in a good way), Picasso’s art is about seeing it in a different perspective and blending techniques together.  

If you search up Picasso’s artwork you will see the wonderful and strange artwork that he has made for millions - and millions of people to see.

The quality of Picasso’s art is that he’s unique when it comes to catching the light.  The art of Picasso is not the sort of art I may use, but in the future it might come in handy.  I definitely learnt lots about this man ‘Picasso’ and more about his creative skill that he has shown when it comes to demonstrating it to people.

So I do hope you enjoy I can not wait to show you the picture I am working on Sorry about the picture I have not finished.