Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Thursday, Room22 where chosen first to go and play badminton out of the year7’s and 8’s which we were all excited to go and play.

Badminton was held in the hall, and standing in the hall was a lady called Laureen and she is from Auckland Badminton Club. Laureen took as though same basic rules like how to holed a racket and what was a racket, there were same shuttles in a bin and we had to make sure we held it right to hit correctly, Laureen said the main rule was when she said shuttle it meant stop!

The first activity Laureen made as do was to stand any were but away from people, We could start I was really nervous at first but I got use to it. The 2 thing we had to do was to get 5 shuttles into the bin we had to use it carefully. We all did it together but in 2 different groups and we had about 5 or less rounds to get it into the bin.

Laureen then said “we are going to stand with are partner with only one shuttle and a cone”.
Rose and I were partners, grabbing a cone while Rose got the shuttle she was up first to hit the racket with the shuttle to try and get a point which the point was to whack it into the cone, half time it was hand over. it was my turn trying to hit it into the cone, Laureen called out “shuttles” we were still playing she shouted it out again and we finally respond it was time to pack up ready for the next class, we did not want to stop but it was fear because it was our time up.

Packing up we were getting in line and said “a big thank-you to Laureen” she is going to teach as same more moves when it is our turn again.

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