Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tangata Pasifika

This morning Room 22 were very, very lucky because Tangata Pasifika from channel 1 was coming to film us about what CHRISTMAS means to us?

What Christmas means to me is coming as a family, doing secret Santa and most of all eating food. We always say a prayer to bless our food.

When Tangata Pasifika come into our class Ms V welcomed Osone Okesene and then said this is Chris and Ted, Osene said do you guys know why we are here today 'Osene said "we are here because we while like to film you about begetting and what CHRISTMAS means to us".

Osone was speaking to people that wanted to be interviewed while the rest of us had to finish off our work so when it comes to Christmas we can pass it onto our family.

'Happy as they were packing up with their gear "GOODBYE" Osone said "your class while be on t.v on Thursday night or on Sunday morning" Chris and Ted said " GOODBYE " walking out the door Osone, Chris and Ted were off.

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