Tuesday, February 14, 2012


2011 my Nana put me in her Dart team, when it comes to dart it is more about Math, throwing and chalking. This year it is going to be our first game for 2012 which is the 18th of February and it is going to be my first time chalking, my Nana said that I was going to CHALK? nervous to chalk I have to get over it and as soon as I do I would have to chalk more often.

In my family that play darts is 2 of my Cousins they are girls and there is ME!!!!!!!!!!!. Most of my cousins that played were turning 17 and as soon as you reach 17 years old you are to old to keep on playing.

So hoping that this year goes P E R F E C T so we can travel to Dunedin. 2 years ago they went to Dunedin to play and everybody is HAPPY to be going again.

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